Geography Burning

Just to iron out some geographic detail, let’s make some statements about the land. One sentence per lifepath, and it can be as specific or regional as you like, but it can’t be connected to any of your previous places and it has to involve your character in the world. I’ll start off with a couple. If there’s a statement that really offends, feel free to annotate it or suggest a change.

(Madu) There is a great weeping hemlock in the Elder Forest under which lie the bones of the first Etharch to die from Grief. It’s said to have been the first seedling planted in the Forest.

(Madu) Wherever bedrock breaks the soil and the sun does not reach, there you will find Orcs pouring up from the hollow places of the world.

(Madu) To the south of Odrysia lies the Periphery, a scattering of city-states on a feral frontier.

(Odie) Odrysia’s forested countryside gives way to the Elder Forest at the northern border. Men reckon the border as the places where the trees grow gnarled and ancient, but before they begin to feel aware; during the decades Elanthir wandered these border-forests, he said the border existed at the places where the trees could tell you what an “axe” was, if you asked them. (Wanderer)

(Odie) Elanthir sang in a farewell-chorus but once, in the western harbor of Cael Thalanos. The ship that sailed into the West that evening was not the last ship to leave Cael Thalanos, but it was the last Elanthir could bear to sing for, for it carried his mother away. (Song Singer)

(Ty) The Prince despises orcs more than most of the Etharchs. Recently he dispatched his personal guard of Sword Singers, which included Erestor to aid in the slaughter of the orcs in the battle of Black Ridge. (Sword Singer)


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