An Elven Sword Singer dispatched to restore the broken line of the kings of Men.



Will Perception Power Forte Agilty Speed
B6 B5 B4 B4 B6 B6
- - - - - -
- - - - - -

Hesitation: 3 (4, -1 for World Weary)


Health Steel Mortal Wound Reflexes Circles Resources Grief
B7 B3 B10 B5 B3 B1 B2
1Diff 1Diff 1Chal


Skill Exponent Advancement Tests Artha
Road-Wise (Special) B3
Rumor-Wise (Special) B2 1Rout
Observation (Special) B2 - -
Sword (Martial) B4
Armor Training *
Shield Training *
Ugly Truth (Social) B3 1Diff -
Oratory (Social) B4 3Rout 1F
Knives (Martial) B3
Sing (Musical) B3 -
Persuasion (Social) B3 1Rout
Soothing Platitudes (Social) B3 -
Foraging (Forester) B2 -
Mending (Peasant) B2 - -
Elven Script (Academic) B2 -
Song of Paths & Ways (Forester) B4 -
Song of Songs (Spell Song) B3 - -
Song of the Sword (Spell Song) B4 -
Song of Soothing (Medicinal) B3 - -
Air of Gates (Spell Song) B3 -
Alarm (Spell Song) B3 - -
Lament of the Westering Sun (Spell Song, Lament) B3 1Diff -

Skills Being Learned

Aptitude Skill Number of Tests
5 Gambling 1


5 Fate
1 Deeds
3 Persona


Sup (+1 Ob) Li (-1d) Midi (-2d) Ser (-3d) Trau (-4d) Mortal
B3 B5 B7 B8 B9 B10
- - - - -



I’ll prove to Arindel that Men are not beyond redemption. I must find Serge and convince him to come with us.

I shall make Erestor see that Men can inherit the Mantle!

Understanding is the key to peace. I need to learn more about the ways of Men.


Always defend the defenseless.

Always be truthful.

Never take a life.


  • Born Under the Silver Stars. (Ct)
  • Essence of the Earth. (Dt) (No Health tests for illness, +1D to Health vs. fatigue, poison)
  • Fair & Statuesque. (Ct)
  • First Born. (Dt) (Perception max is 9)
  • Keen Sight. (Dt) (+1D to Perception- and Observation-based maneuvers in R&C, or any Perception test involving seeing long distances. No penalties for dim light.)
  • Grief. (Dt) (Grants Grief emotional attribute. Starting Grief is B2.)
  • Sword of the White Tower. (Dt) (1D rep. among Protectors)
  • World Weary. (Dt) (+1 Grief, -1 hesitation)
  • Trusting. (Ct)

Affiliations, Relationships, and Reputations

1D reputation among Men of the area as a taciturn Elf.

1D rep. among Citadel Elves as outspoken Men-advocate

1D rep. among the Protectors as a sheltered neophyte


Item Power Add VA Speed Length
Elven Songblade 3 2 1 Slow Long
Elven dagger 1 1 1 Fast Shortest

Songblade IMS: B4 B7 B10

Elven plated leather:

  • 4D armor on chest (+1 Ob to Stealthy/Swimming)
  • 3D armor on left arm (+1 Ob to Agility/Agility-based skills, except weapons & Brawling)
  • 3D armor on right arm
  • 3D armor on left leg (+1 Ob to Speed/Speed-based skill tests)
  • 3D armor on right leg
  • 3D armor on head (+1 Ob to Perception)
  • Target shield with golden tree on emerald field: 3D

Elven clothing and shoes

Elven traveling gear



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