Will Perception Power Forte Agilty Speed
B5 B6 B4 B5 B5 B5
- - - - - -
- - - - - -

Hesitation: 5


Health Steel Mortal Wound Reflexes Circles Resources
B6 B8 B11 B5 B2 B1


Skill Exponent Advancement Tests Artha
Elven Script (Academic) B3
Etiquette (Social) B4
Sing (Musical) B3 - -
Sword (Martial) B6
Armor Training *
Shield Training *
Ugly Truth (Social) B2 2Rout -
Oratory (Social) B4 2Rout
Brawling (Martial) B3
Riding (Martial) B3 -
Mounted Combat *
Observation (Special) B3 1Rout -
Orc-wise (Special) B3 1Diff -
Lament of the Stars (Spell Song) B2 -
Ages of the Etharch (Spell Song) B3 - -
Song of the Sword (Spell Song) B5 -
Song of Bonding (Spell Song) B2 - -
Alarm (Spell Song) B3 - -

Skills Being Learned

Aptitude Skill Number of Tests


7 Fate
4 Persona
1 Deeds


Sup (+1 Ob) Li (-1d) Midi (-2d) Ser (-3d) Trau (-4d) Mortal
B3 B6 B8 B9 B10 B11
- - - - -



The Prince has ordered me to aid Elanthir on his quest. I’ll help him locate Sergei and bring him with us.

Elanthir must face the fact that Men cannot be relied upon.

Durendil has been entrusted to my care. I’ll not part with it to someone untested and unproven.


Never suffer an Orc to live.

Always help those who need it of me, whether they will it or no.

Never abandon a comrade.


  • Born Under the Silver Stars. (Ct)
  • Essence of the Earth. (Dt) (No Health tests for illness, +1D to Health vs. fatigue, poison)
  • Fair & Statuesque. (Ct)
  • First Born. (Dt) (Perception max is 9)
  • Keen Sight. (Dt) (+1D to Perception- and Observation-based maneuvers in R&C, or any Perception test involving seeing long distances. No penalties for dim light.)
  • Grief. (Dt) (Grants Grief emotional attribute. Starting Grief is B6.)
  • Etharchal. (Dt) (Mark of Privilege for Elves. 1D affiliation with Elven Etharchs)
  • Lesson of One. (Dt) (effects)
  • Fealty to the Fêa. (Ct) (Sword Singers in the Citadel are the Prince’s personal bodyguard and under his direct command.)
  • Cool Headed. (Dt) (Hesitation from surprise is reduced by 1.)

Affiliations, Relationships, and Reputations

1D reputation among Men of the area as Orc Slayer.

1D affiliation among Citadel Sword Singers


Item Power Add VA Speed Length
Elven Songblade 3 2 1 Slow Long
Elven dagger 1 1 1 Fast Shortest

Songblade IMS: B4 B7 B10

Elven plated leather:

  • 4D armor on chest (+1 Ob to Stealthy/Swimming)
  • 3D armor on left arm (+1 Ob to Agility/Agility-based skills, except weapons & Brawling)
  • 3D armor on right arm
  • 3D armor on left leg (+1 Ob to Speed/Speed-based skill tests)
  • 3D armor on right leg
  • 3D armor on head (+1 Ob to Perception)
  • Target shield with golden tree on emerald field: 3D

Elven clothing and shoes

Elven traveling gear



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